Teacher Coaster

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Teacher Coaster
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A sweet gift for your childs teacher.
Featuring an array of school supplies set in resin. You can add glitter for an extra sparkle touch. The names are also sealed in resin so no need to worry about them coming off..  Stationary supplies will be randomly chosen. This is for one coaster. Multiple coasters can be added.
Select either the mini or the standard size coaster. If selecting the mini, it does not include the larger stationary items as they simply do not fit.
The standard coasters measure 9.5cm wide and between 1-2cm thick, the mini measures 8cm wide and has a small lip. Due to the thickness of the standard coasters they may not be perfect circles, this does not affect the use of the coster. Also note that the coaster isn't filled with glitter, it's just 1 layer scattered colours around.

It is still recommended to handwash your coaster. As these are handmade there may be small imperfections including air bubbles.. Whilst every attempt is made to remove them sometimes they're stubborn.

Due to the curing time of these coasters and popularity, please allow up to 18 business days for your coaster to be made.

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