Celebration Board

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Celebration Board
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At last, the perfect way to display the important dates you need to remember. From birthdays to anniversaries! From home to the classroom!

Each board comes with the calendar board & matching acrylic discs. When it is time to update your calendar simply contact me and I will send you new personalised discs for the cost of only tracked envelope postage ($2.95)
Board: 40cm x 12cm 
Date Discs: 3cm

Made from 3mm acrylic and text applied with high quality perm. vinyl. It will sure be a hit. To clean, gently wipe with a microfibre cloth. Be sure not to rub too hard where the decals are.

When adding your names and dates, please add it like below:
Jan - Adam 9, Liam 3
Feb - Blake 21,
Mar - Amy 4
Apr - Jess & Tim 23 (note that the & symbol will be replaced with a small heart)

Delivey: Please allow up to 10 business days for your board to be made.

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